Who is Navigating Your Life?

An author once said, “If you are a writer, write.” I feel that statement is directed specifically at me, I know I am a writer, but you know with work, family, church and getting a pedicure…you get my drift. The excuses could go on for days! Now that I am on vacation for two weeks, (Yay!)  I get to write, and I am going to get one more addition to my blog completed.

I started this entry about “who is navigating your life” back in May when I traveled to Indianapolis with my daughter and son to attend the wedding of a close family friend.  During our visit we were blessed to discover our friend, Richard Cassell had rented a car. Richard was gracious enough to transport us around for the weekend, sparing us from taxis and endless Uber rides. As our personal driver, Richard made only one request, that someone else navigate our path to each destination. We considered that to be quite fair, and my son, Jerrell agreed to be “the navigator”.

By definition, a navigator is one who charts or decides the course or route of some form of transportation. A good navigator will get you to your destination safely, and hopefully on time.  As Richard drove through the city of Indianapolis, unknown territory to us all, Jerrell gave him turn by turn directions.  Interestingly enough, Richard followed each and every instruction.  That may not seem like a big deal to you, but we had not spent time with Richard in well over ten years. Still, he believed that each turn that Jerrell gave him would get us closer to our destination. How could he be so sure that Jerrell was giving him the correct directions? Simple, he TRUSTED him! Why would he trust Jerrell? He knew about Jerrell’s character and he knew his family.  He knew that information coming from Jerrell was trustworthy and would lead him in the right direction.  Jerrell is known for being intelligent, wise and truthful, so his directions would not lead us astray (although we did go down one street that reminded Richard of an episode of 48 Hours).

This wonderful journey around Indianapolis was filled with laughter, stories and a couple of “Uh my bad, I should have told you sooner that your turn was coming.” We did not get lost in Indianapolis because we had a good driver and more importantly, a trustworthy navigator.  It made me think about who is navigating my life, and who I listen to for direction. I listen to my husband and close family, I listen to my pastor and to my dear friends. Most importantly, I listen to God! His word and His holy spirit directs me daily, and so far He has not put me on a wrong or dangerous path. I make sure that I check in with “my navigator” to make sure I don’t veer onto a path that is not safe, or a path He does not intend me to go on.  In these days and times we are living in, it is easy to get fiercely independent, and never go to God at all for proper navigation. We may even start to like the road we are on, when actually it may NOT be leading toward the destiny God has for us.

Who do you trust to navigate your life? Do you trust God to get you to your destination? Do you trust him to help you stay on course to achieve your goals rather than making wrong turns that land you in areas of desolation? God, by his nature is a trustworthy navigator. His word tells us in Proverbs 3:5,6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he shall direct (navigate) your path”.  If we trust the Lord and ask Him how to navigate each situation in our lives, He will get us to our destination.  We can be assured our outcome will be positive. We are further instructed not to lean (count on, depend on) our own understanding.  This is a warning against always doing what we want to do. We are supposed to ask for His help. He is our ultimate navigator.  When we trust God as our navigator we usually see the fruits of this decision. Our lives are generally happy and positive because we walk in the freedom of knowing we belong to God, and He is with us on this path.  People are naturally drawn to us as the light of God’s love shines in everything we do. Conversely, when we are without God’s navigation the opposite is true. By choosing to listen to negative people and thoughts, our outlook on life becomes more negative and our lives become sad and depressing, not at all a reflection of who God really is.  When we are on a path that God navigates, we can truly “represent” the love of God.   John 13:35, reads in part, “by this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Whenever my uncle Bob would get lost going somewhere, he would say “this is where it gets a little fuzzy”.  If you were lucky enough to be with him, you would ride around for a while, wondering how long you would be lost.  The good news is, we don’t have to be lost like uncle Bob. When our way seems to get “a little fuzzy’, we simply need to get back on track with the great navigator of our lives, God.  He is there for us at any time for trustworthy direction and guidance. Psalm 119:105 sums it up best, “let his word be a lamp to your feet and a guide to your path.”  Amen!

Thoughts to ponder on “Who is Navigating your Life”:

1. Spend some time thinking about when you got off track with your life.  Did you ask for God’s help?  How did things turn out for you?

2.  What are some things you trust God to help you navigate? What things do you have a hard time letting him navigate? Pray and ask Him to help you release those things to Him.

3. Start today by trusting more of your life to the great navigator and see the difference it can make.

Have a peaceful journey!