That’s What You Get…Not God’s Answer”

Scripture verse:

Psalm 103:10

“he does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.”

How often does the saying or thought, “that’s what you get” come from your lips or to your mind. Never? You’re good. Often? Let’s pray! I think we all can be guilty of this offense if we are honest. Most recently the thought “that’s what you get” came to mind when several people were infected with Covid 19, after attending gatherings known as “super spreader” events. We read the headline and say or think, “See that’s what you get, didn’t nobody tell you to go to a superspreader event”. Or when something bad happens to someone who has wronged us or a loved one, the initial thought is “That’s what you get”. We somehow feel vindicated. Can I tell on me? When something bad happens to folks that offend us, we should not say, “that’s what you get for messing with me”. That is NOT God. That is coming from our flesh and it is sinful. Oh, it is difficult to really BE and represent God on a daily basis. Our flesh is at war constantly with his spirit. Psalm 103:10 says “he does not give US what we deserve.” That is me and you. Even so, we find it hard to extend this same grace to others? I am going to do my best to stop the thought “that’s what you get” from taking over when I am tempted. I want to be more like Christ in ALL my ways. Will you take the challenge with me?