The Dream

IMAG1321The group I am attending the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington with read the book, “The Dream: Martin Luther King, Jr., And The Speech That Inspired a Nation” by author Drew D. Hansen, a Seattle attorney. In his book, Mr. Hansen “explores the fascinating and little-known history of King’s legendary address.” I was particularly captivated by how Martin Luther King endured such a grueling process to write the speech. There were certain advisers he consulted, previous speeches, sermons, and of course scriptures he drew from. Who knew that the I Have a Dream speech Martin Luther King ultimately delivered was different from the one he prepared? Hansen’s book explains all this and takes the reader on a journey through the composition,language, sources, and delivery of his great speech. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. You can purchase The Dream by Drew D. Hansen through I am excited to meet the man who wrote this powerful and informative book.

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