Church, Gospel Brunch & American History Museum

IMAG1348On Sunday, August 25th, we went to church at the Metropolitan Baptist Church for a lively service that included praise and worship, fellowship and a sermon that touched all of our hearts. The sermon was from Galatians 6:9: “faint not, for if you endure to the end, you will reap a harvest of blessings”.  The minister encouraged us and boldly proclaimed, “weary can’t win”.  We all proclaimed it for ourselves.  All week long, we couldn’t stop talking about “that sermon”! Church was followed by a wonderful Gospel brunch at the Hamilton hotel.  The menu included shrimp and grits, eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes, dirty rice, greens, gumbo, catfish, fried chicken, French toast, pecan pie, fresh fruit, cornbread and salad. Not for the faint of heart.  That is the shortlist of food items that were available.  Umm, umm, good!! We enjoyed ourselves to THE MAX! We were especially tickled when they asked for background singers to come up on “I Love to Praise His Holy Name”, and Pastor Harvey encouraged me to go up on stage with him to sing.  Bert soon joined us, plus three other young ladies… and then we became stars for one song. We had so much fun!  We left the Gospel Brunch and headed to the American History Museum where an exhibit called African American History 1883 to 1963 was on display.  It was amazing!  There was an actual lace collar and handkerchief that belonged to Harriet Tubman. I stared in amazement at the personal belongings of a woman who was indeed one of the bravest women in all history. She risked her life for the freedom of her people! Bless her soul! There were also plenty of history items related to the civil rights struggle and to the March on Washington. It was a lot to process in just a couple of hours!

Follow this link for more information about Metropolitan Baptist Church:

Follow this link to learn more about the Hamilton’s Gospel Brunch:

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