Heart Reflections of the March

March on Washington 2013

March on Washington 2013

We closed out our trip to D.C. with a final meeting to ruminate on the March experience. We participated in a group activity where we were each asked to stand in front of the one word that best described how we were feeling that night.  Those words were:







Many felt Contemplative…not knowing what was next in terms of our reconciliation work. It was agreed that our being together for the trip, encouraging new friendships, and having authentic/courageous conversations was a small step…yet very meaningful. People were also Humbled by the entire experience and by the sacrifice made by those leaders who had paved the path for us.  To paraphrase Glenn McCray, “The previous generation had so little and did so much, while the current generation has so much yet has done so little.”  Some were Tired, exhausted by the walking and the tourism.  And also tired of the continued rhetoric and inaction of leaders (a remark that was made in relation to the speeches).  Some of us were Curious..the whole experience left us with questions about how to seek God’s truth in the reconciliation process. Some were Satisfied… satisfied that the trip and the march experience lived up to the hype. It was an amazing experience, never to be forgotten.

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